Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hi Barbara, Your question just showed up last night, even though it says it was posted 8 days ago. I check this every day but the question area showed as totally blank for a few days. I tried to answer twice, but my answer did not show up. I guess this technology has not been perfected! Let's get to your technology. It's a tough one to call without seeing the machine. It could be fibres caught in the presser bar bushing, or, possibly the adjustment screw where the lifter bar goes into the machine has come loose. If that was the case, the bar might feel a bit floppy. I am at the Cloth Shop on Tuesdays. It might be worth it to let me see the machine. I don't think it will be anything serious and we can get you fixed up quickly! Bernie
P.S Re: hitting your hand against the foot. You would have to hit it pretty hard
to dislodge anything. Does the foot look like it is not lined up straight with the
lines on the needle plate?

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