Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy day!

Wow! Busy day repairing. The machines just never stop coming in. I'm definitely not complaining, a guy's got to make a living. I had a very challenging older Husqvarna today. A lot of what I do is routine, but this one was fun. Another shop had told the lady it was done. It took a while but it sews like a dream now. It's always such a great feeling to see someone happy to get their machine back! I'm so fortunate to be able to do something that I enjoy so much for a living! B

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanks Sheena

For following. B


I'm having trouble activating the comments section at the top of the page. Does anyone have any ideas? It's kind of funny. I can fix the most complicated machines, but, this gives me trouble! B

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love, hate the internet!

I love the net for the ease of getting info. I love learning, facts are exciting! Useless information fills my head. (along, of course, with the good stuff) Any time I have a question, I can get an answer. I hate the net for the misinformation. Opinions taken for fact. It's hard to sort out some times what is good advice and what is nonsense. I've been reading on some sewing machine sites about problems people have been having and I'm astounded at the amount of bunk that passes for help. Sorry, strong words I know, but, seriously, are people trying to help or hinder? I'm certainly not saying that I have all the answers, but, if I don't I'll absolutely admit it. I guess you can tell I'm a little passionate about what I do. Thanks for letting me rant. B 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buying a machine

Often when my wife and I are teaching a class, we find that people have bought a new machine without knowing if it is suitable for the purpose for which it was purchased. Whew!! Long sentence. A good idea when shopping is to take with you some fabrics and tasks that you will be expecting your new machine to cope with. Then use the machine in the shop yourself ( of course, under the supervision of the salesperson, so they can help). Put it through it's paces.  Make sure it does the job that you want  it to do. You don't want to find out when you get it home, that it isn't what you expected. I've seen more than a few long faces in a class and I feel for those people. In future posts, I'll give a few hints on things to look for. Bernie