Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to maintain your Bernina walking foot

Shelley and I are enjoying a nice visit with her parents in Oregon and now that we are all done with the turkey it's time to post this, as promised.
Step 1: Lift the white plastic cover over the silver screw and slide off completely.
Step 2: Remove the two screws as indicated by pointers. Take the foot apart and remember where things were. Maybe take notes if unsure.

Step 3: Put a drop of sewing machine oil at the pivot as shown. At this point, check also that the springs are hooked up properly. Push down on the pivoting lever and make sure it is easily pulled back up by the spring.

Step 4: Gently pull out the forked lever and put a drop of oil in the opening, where indicated.

Step 5: Check that the silver bearings are turning properly. If they are not, the arm they are on may be bent. This can be gently bent back. If you are worried about doing this, then you need to take the walking foot to the shop to have it done. It won't work well if it is bent. Put a small amount of oil on the shaft of the bearings and wipe off the excess. I also put a small amount on top of the feed dogs where the bearings rest on them. Wipe off all excess, so no oil ends up on your project.

Step 6: Now turn the WF upside down and inspect for any damage. If there are any large pieces missing, the feed dogs can be replaced.
At this point you can start to reassemble the foot. If you have any questions please ask!
My thanks to Shelley for the use of her walking foot and the help with the pointers!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

I have been unable to post for a very long time, because due to an email address that I dropped, I couldn't sign in here. That is resolved and I will start posting again. Thanks to those that have checked in! B